Why Use a Phone Answering Service for Your Plumbing Company?

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Running a plumbing business is no easy job. It takes a lot of your effort, time, and planning to make it a success. In the entrepreneurial spirit, you might find that a few areas of the business aren’t adequately taken care of.


One major area most plumbing companies are often too relaxed on is how they service customers over the phone.


In the plumbing business, you’ll find that most of the customers reach out via the phone. As such, it makes sense that you are losing business by not having someone handling the phone round the clock.


Since this is not something a busy plumber can do, it makes a lot of sense to outsource this job to a firm specializing in it. Here are a few reasons businesses might do well with a phone answering service.


A Dedicated Team


A phone answering service is crucial for a business that doesn’t have a dedicated in-house phone answering team. When you engage a proper phone answering company, you get a professional team assigned to your account. This means that this team’s only task will be to answer your phones and give your clients the information they are looking for.


When using such service, you will always have someone to answer your calls round the clock so that a customer reaches out during the day or night and is always greeted by a warm, inviting representative.


Better Handle Emergencies


Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime. They often occur when we least expect it. Since a typical support staff only works during the day and on weekdays, having someone man the phone overnight and during the weekends can do a lot to boost your business.


When customers reach out, and their call isn’t answered, they move on to the next plumber, meaning you lose out on business altogether. If your plumbing company has an average trip of $450, you could be losing a significant amount of money through missed phone calls.


Receive Live Assistance


With the advent of artificial intelligence and automated bots, many plumbing businesses have employed a system to let them know when clients need their services.


When facing an emergency, people want to speak to a real person who will understand the urgency of the situation and respond accordingly.


A phone answering service will ensure that all your callers are answered by a live professional. It can be a very frustrating experience facing a complicated messaging system in an emergency. This way, your calls are always answered, and your customer experience improved.


Save Big Time Money


As a business grows, so are its demands on the staff. As the business grows, so will its need for a dedicated team to answer calls and give clients the information they are looking for.


Although it’s possible to set up an in-house team, it’s often quite costly as the costs will pile up. An in-house team will need office space, salaries, overhead, and even benefits, which can be quite expensive.


On the other hand, a phone answering service will ensure you get a highly qualified team, but for a fraction of the cost. This way, you save money while making more money.


Keep Your Valuable Clients


In plumbing, customers expect to reach you anytime they are having problems. Many will stick with your business when you show them that you can be there for them during their hour.


When your phones are operated only during working hours, it leaves a whopping 16 hours every day when the calls can go unanswered.


Many people who reach out to plumbing companies expect the call to be answered by a live person and on time. When you prove to a customer that they can count on you to help, especially during an emergency, they will be a client for life.


Project a High Level of Professionalism


Whether it’s an intern who picks up your calls or the boss themselves, they become the face or voice of your company to the client. Therefore, the way that phone call goes will show the caller what type of business they are dealing with and if they deserve to get your business.


A phone answering service employs professionals who have been in this job for years and therefore give off the type of confidence and professionalism you would expect from a professional business. This way, by the time the client hangs up, their queries and concerns have all been addressed properly.

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