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Your home service website can make or break your home service business. That’s because it plays a pivotal role in various aspects of your business, from your customer experience to your brand’s recognizability and reputation and business analytics. But thankfully, you don’t need to invest a fortune or gain highly advanced technical knowledge to build out and manage a well-rounded home service website. Read on to learn about the crucial aspects of a home service website you should focus on.


Responsive Web Design


From the onset, you should plan to set up and manage a responsive website. You need to focus on responsive design elements when creating your site’s layouts and site map, and even when testing out the site.


The aim is to make it attractive to many different traffic types, including mobile traffic from various smart devices, desktop traffic, and PC traffic. With responsive web design, you can run just one website that loads properly on different devices instead of multiple sites dedicated to each type of device. Search engines love responsive websites, so it’s also a boon for your SEO performance and not just your customer experience.


A High-Converting Website Layout


Plan your homepage with your customer sales journey in mind. What pages do you want cross visitors with broken appliances to see first when they turn up on your site? And how should they go about addressing their problems with your solutions? Some of the key elements of a high-converting home service website layout include clear headers (probably reflecting your business logos, certifications, and awards), service blocks (leading to specific business pages), an ‘About Us” page, and email list forms.


All your site’s pages should contain CTAs as well as a footer containing navigation links and your business name, address, and phone number. Other vital layout elements of a web service design include site-wide navigation tabs or a hamburger icon that drops the navigation menu on mobile devices, and white spaces between design elements. The white spaces, which do not necessarily have to be white – just empty – help you keep your site clutter-free while allowing visitors to focus on the site’s most essential aspects.


Visual Contents


In many instances, you can better communicate your unique value propositions to your visitors through visuals. Internet users are generally becoming more inclined towards visual content than texts, so you need to make sure your site is well covered in that aspect. Feature real-life pictures of your home service crew and tools at work and time-lapse photos of your accomplished projects. You can also use infographics, video tutorials, and even animations to educate your visitors on your site’s blog.


Visual content is critical to a high converting page. When we designed the pay layouts for Vent Gator in the dryer vent and air duct cleaning industry we used visual elements to help get our message across. Pages should not be just about the text as most people will lose interest in them.


Blog/ Web Contents


A regularly updated blog can help your business in many ways, including building your reputation, enhancing your search engine performance, and increasing your website’s overall conversion rates. However, posting regularly doesn’t guarantee these results. You need to research your topics thoroughly with SEO tools to ensure they’re topics most of your potential customers search for frequently. Ideally, it would help if you run your blog with a well-thought-out content marketing plan containing scheduled posts.


Social Media Handles


A strong social media presence can also help your company gain more visibility on the web. Let your website visitors know you’re active on social media by embedding social follow and share buttons site-wide.


Calls To Action


Your readers should be encouraged to take action on your site that will push them further down your sales funnel. Display specific CTA buttons in corresponding sections of your website, like “Subscribe to our mailing list for home maintenance tips” on home maintenance blog posts or ‘get a free quote’ on a particular service page. Ideally, the buttons should stand out on the pages with contrasting colors, a commanding size, and evocative texts. More importantly, you can always reach out to us for top-notch professional advice for your site’s CTAs as well as other aspects that affect its conversion rate.

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