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Office Gator Mission Statement



How it Started


It all started with frustration when one of the Co-founders realized how much business he was losing from the phone answering service he was using. The answering service would often take over 60-seconds to answer the phone. Some of the callers would hang up before the phone was answered. Once the phone was answered, it was apparent to the customers; this was an answering service.


Many of the customers calling in wanted to book a service appointment. The answering service didn’t have this ability and took a message to pass on. Usually, there was a delay in receiving the messages followed by irritated customers that had to speak with another person to book a service appointment.


Then there were the customers looking for emergency services that would keep calling other companies until they found a technician to come out.


Office Gator was born out of the need for a professional answering service that will book appointments directly into your home service software.


Marketing Background


The Co-founders ran a digital marketing firm that specialized in organic search engine optimization. There they helped hundreds of companies, many of which were local service businesses. Throughout the years, the Co-founders have seen how wasteful some online marketing services can be.


They have seen many companies throwing marketing dollars out the window before coming to them. Their goal is to help educate small business owners on the type of marketing that will drive their business and provide a positive ROI. They use their years of experience to save clients from wasting money.


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