Specializing in Home Service Businesses

Virtual Receptionist

Our US-based receptionists
will answer your calls and
book your appointments.


We will fill your service
appointment calendar as
we take your phone calls.

Outbound Calls

No time for outbound calls?
We will do the follow-ups
on your behalf.

Digital Marketing

Local SEO and PPC services
to grow your business with
organic quality leads.

Web Design

Impress your customers with a fast,
professional, mobile & search
engine friendly web design.

Instant Notifications

Receive notifications instantly
about appointments, phone
calls and approved estimates.

Let Us Free Up Your Day

One of the hardest parts of running a home service business is balancing the office tasks, and working in the field at the same time. Answering the phone throughout the day while working at customers homes, can be challenging. Potential customers calling your business will move on to the next company if you don’t answer the phone call, especially when your potential customers need home services repairs or are calling because of an emergency.

Your Office Gator representative will not only answer your calls, but we will book appointments for you. We will schedule calls directly into HouseCall Pro or your virtual calendar. This will allow you to focus on the jobs that you are on without distractions and will enable us to schedule appointments to fill up your next availability.

Industries We Work With

Industries we service

Seamless Experience

We want your customer's experience to be as seamless as possible. That’s why we provide a personalized phone greeting for your business. Just provide us with your preferred phone answering script, and our friendly customer service representatives will take care of the rest. If you would like specific calls transferred to you directly, we can handle that as well.

Your Office Gator virtual receptionist will transfer any calls you would like within the guidelines you provide us. This way, you will never miss an important phone call, and your company will look more professional in the process. Our team will help increase your productivity and save you money while making your company look more professional.

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