Expert Tips for Carpet Cleaning SEO

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Have you adopted the perfect site hierarchy that’ll make your site easily stand out of the competition?


In this guide, we’ll provide an easy-to-digest, well-rounded rundown of tips for carpet cleaning SEO, covering both the basics and advanced stuff. This will help you take that custom carpet cleaning web design and make it work for you.


But first, the basics: Your site’s keyword selection and layout. Both the layout and keywords help search engine algorithms, and your readers better understand the contents of various sections of your website.


You can use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner and KeywordTool.io to see which keywords your potential customers mostly use when searching for carpet cleaning solutions online. But besides service keywords like “Carpet Cleaners in (Location),” “Steam Carpet Cleaning,” “Oriental Rug Cleaning,” Tile & Grout Cleaning” and “Carpet Cleaning Services in (location),” it’s also vital to incorporate research intent keywords like “how to restore an old carpet’s sheen” or “how to use a cordless vacuum,” “how to remove pet odor on carpets,” and “stain removal.”


These keywords are vital to your site hierarchy. They should serve as an anchor for all headings of your web pages.
Now, to some more advanced tips. Read on to find out how to explore various aspects of your site’s SEO to gain more organic traffic and land more cleaning appointments.


On-Page Carpet Cleaning SEO


HTML Code for On Page SEO


You need to optimize each page on your website to increase their visibility on search engines. This entails using the right keywords in places besides your site’s headers and places like the URL structure of your site’s pages, meta descriptions, and alt text descriptions for images.


Internal linking building is also vital to your on-page SEO, facilitating easy site navigation. However, it would be best to build your internal links with care because search engines could wrongly misinterpret them as dubious self-promotion.


For instance, it’s good to attach links to various sections of your website to your site-wide navigation menu and interlink relevant blog posts. However, please don’t overdo it as adding too many keyword anchor text links can seem spammy.


Carpet Cleaning Content Strategy


Can you equip your potential customers with tips for elongating the lifespan of their carpets?


Content about carpet care tips and hacks essentially helps warm up your customers and demonstrate your expertise. This type of content also informs search engines that you’re well-versed with your niche’s nuances and are one of the best carpet care solution providers on the web.


Ideally, you should present your content in various forms, including videos, blog posts, and ebooks. When it comes to online marketing, you want your content to be everywhere.


The content on your website helps Google determine the relevancy of your website and Google My Business listing. Be sure to dedicate a page for each service your business provides. I would go a step further and create the most informative page you can about your services on each page. Google wants to rank the best page for the searcher’s intend. Don’t half-ass the content to check it off your checklist.


Google My Business for Carpet Cleaners


Carpet Cleaning Google My Business


Claiming your Google My Business profile for your carpet cleaning business is one of the most effective free off-page SEO hacks you can implement for your carpet cleaning website. Your Google My Business profile can drive targeted quality traffic via local SEO. Here are the most important aspects to increase your reach.


Reviews – Ensure you have a system in place to get more reviews on Google. Ask your customers to leave reviews and describe why you were called out and how their experience was. When customers describe why you were called out they use keywords that are important for local SEO.


“I really needed a carpet cleaning because of dog urine all over my carpets.”


The keywords in the review will give your business a leg up over the competition. Ensure that you respond to the reviews promptly as well.


GMB Photos – Google has the incredible capability to determine what a picture is about. They have spent a considerable amount of technology on this and use it in your pictures. If you have lots of before and after photos of carpets being cleaned this will help.


You can upload photos as a business owner, but you can also encourage your customers to upload them as well.


Categories – Selecting the right categories for your Google My Business listing seems simple however, numerous business owners get this wrong. Your primary category is one of the single most significant factors that help with your local SEO.


Local Citations


A citation is a mention of your business online. Generally, these are from business listings like Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages, and BBB. However, hundreds of websites will let you list your website for free.


Citations used to be a considerable part of local SEO but not as much these days. However, it is still essential and easy to do. The most important thing you want to remember is that your business name, business address, and business phone number should be consistent across all websites.


Link Building for Carpet Cleaners


Many smaller businesses overlook one of the most dominant things you can do to help your SEO efforts and link building. Getting other websites and blogs to link to your website is huge, and Google will often count those links as a quality vote.


Although not all links are created equal, Google, over the years, has devalued the low-quality link building. And a massive word of caution; don’t build too many links too fast, and don’t use keywords for the anchor text. Those are all outdated tactics that will eventually end up hurting your SEO efforts.


Here to Help


We know that some of the SEO processes may be difficult to understand, or you don’t have time to do all this yourself. Please feel free to reach out to us and see how we can help increase your traffic via local SEO. We love working with carpet cleaning companies and growing sales for the companies we work with.

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