The Importance of a Fast Mobile Friendly Website

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We are a society that is in love with our mobile deceives. The amount of time we spend using our cell phones keeps increasing every year. In 2015 only 31% of searches were from a mobile device. In the first quarter of 2020, that number is now at 52%, and it is climbing for overall web searches.

In some industries such as home services, that number is even higher. Based on analytical data from the home service clients, we work with 65% of all searches are from a mobile device.

Please note that most of the companies are in the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical industry.

As you can see, with more than half the searches coming from a mobile device and it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are frustrating for users, and the users will click the back button and find another company that has a faster loading website.

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Another extremely important and often overlooked is having a website that is fast loading. Have you ever waited for a website to load on your phone and then got frustrated and clicked the back button? Me too, all the time.

It’s a lot of work and money to get visitors to your website and a complete waste if it loads slowly. This often results in a person going back to the search results to find another company. Many web designers will design a great looking website but often don’t put any thought into the coding to ensure your website loads quickly.

Another important aspect is Google added what they call the “Speed Update” to their algorithm in January 2018. This ranking signal will push down slowly, loading webpages in the Google search results. This is one of the few controllable ranking signals.

Every website that we design and build is optimized for speed; this way, your potential customers won’t get frustrated, and your business has a higher chance of receiving that hot lead. A few of the things we optimize are:

         • Analyze pages for load times.
         • CSS optimization
         • HTML minification
         • Javascript optimization
         • Image optimization
         • Remove unwanted coding
         • CDN Implantation and advice

If you are looking to upgrade your web design, we can help. We build all websites using the WordPress content management system, which is very user friendly. Please get in contact with us so we can tell you more about our process and pricing.

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