Virtual Receptionist

Amazing Virtual Receptionist


Let us be your complete office!


We provide a fantastic virtual receptionist service for home service companies in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofers, pest control, and home cleaning businesses. We will handle many of the office tasks so you can free up your day and focus on your business.


Let Us Handle the Phones


Personalized Phone Greeting

Our friendly outgoing Office Gator receptionist will answer your phone calls with a personalized script the same way your company does. Your customers will think we are part of your staff because we are!


Call Screening

We know companies get a ton of marketing and sales calls. Our team of receptionists is trained on how to handle those calls to keep your day distraction-free.


Live Call Transfers

If you would like specific callers or call types transferred directly to you, we can do that! Never miss an urgent call and make your company look professional in the process.


Message Taking

Your Office Gator virtual receptionist will take messages for you and pass the information via email, text, or whatever your preferred communication type.



Do you have a hard time taking calls and trying to book service calls while in the field? We will schedule service appointments directly into your HouseCall Pro account or Google calendar.


Overflow Support

Can’t get to the phone because you are already on a call? Set up overflow calling and have the calls transferred to us. This way, your team never misses an urgent call or a chance to book a service call.


After Hours

Heading home for the day but don’t want to miss a call? We will answer your calls and book your appointments on your behalf. Our process is seamless, and as your customers call in to schedule appointments, we will handle that as well.


Email Answering

We can answer your customer service emails throughout the day. Our team can answer questions about your company, hours of operation, book service appointments, and route emails to your organization’s appropriate person.


Live Chat

Want to add live chat to your website but need someone to monitor it and answer customers’ questions? Our team will monitor your web chats and respond professionally to help your customers.


Outbound Calls

In the home services business, someone must follow up on estimates and sales calls. We know you are busy, so this is another aspect we can take off of your hands. We will follow up on the estimates you left to see if and when the customer wants to proceed. Would you like to reach out to your past customers and offer a maintenance program? Or schedule a cleaning because we can do that too!


Industries We Work With:


         • Plumbing
         • HVAC
         • Electrical
         • Home Cleaning
         • Pest Control
         • Roofing


If you’d like to find out more on how Office Gator can help your company, please contact us today.