HVAC Answering Service

Professional phone answering for HVAC Companies


Stop the distractions while working. (or use us for after-hours)


Hire us to answer calls, screen sales calls, and book service appointments for you.


Being in the field working on your business is stressful enough without having to stop and answer your phone calls. Distractions like this can drag out your day and decrease your productivity.


How often have you rushed a customer off the phone because you needed to get back to other work? How do you think their experience was during that phone call? Probably not 5-star service like Office Gator offers.


Personalized Phone Greeting for HVAC Companies


Our customer service receptionists are trained for HVAC companies. Our goal is for your customers to have a seamless experience. We want your customers to feel like they are talking to someone from your company.


A typical answering service does not train their employees on HVAC related issues. This can cause a real disconnect when customers call in with questions like these below.


“Do you work on wall heaters?”


“Does your company provide air duct cleaning?”


“My swamp cooler isn’t working, can you come to fix it?”


It will be apparent to your customers that there is a disconnect, and they are speaking with an answering service. You don’t want that. You want someone answering the phone that feels like an extension of your company, and that’s where Office Gator comes in.


HVAC Appointment Scheduling


One way that sets us apart from many HVAC answering services is we go a step further and book your service appointments directly into Housecall Pro or your Google Calendar based on your availability. This will free up your time while providing a friendly and professional phone answering service for your heating and cooling business.


If you run a company that offers both HVAC and plumbing, we have you covered. We specialize in providing phone answering services for home service companies, including plumbing and HVAC.

Reach out to us today and find out what we can do for your business.