Web Design for Electricians

Want a supercharged electrician website that flies high on search engines and delivers results?


In today’s world, a high-performing website has more firepower to help you scale your business than most other traditional growth and expansion tools. Whether you’re a handyman or a corporate electrical contractor, you can quickly scale your electrician business with a magnetic web presence powered by a high-performance website.


To stand out with your web presence, you need a high-converting website that projects your brand as the market leader with a competitive rate whenever your visitors are faced with electrical problems.


Custom Electrical Web Design


Your electrician website needs a custom design that’ll make it easier for customers to reach out to you on your website. Besides the fundamentals of a good custom web design – an intuitive interface, easy navigation, clutter-free displays, and the like, we will incorporate certain elements that make it easy for your visitors to take action on your site.


We will use navigation features like breadcrumbs to allow for easier navigation and place relevant call-to-action buttons across every page. Display your name, phone number, address, credibility badges, and certifications on the footer of all your site pages, and integrate location services that support the cities and regions you’re servicing.


Your custom electrical website should also have dedicated pages for FAQs, and testimonials, and reviews.


On-Page SEO for Electricians


We will research your keywords properly to ensure that the right ones are in the right places. For instance, you can optimize specific service pages with specific keywords like “electrical repair” or “circuit breaker systems.”


Location pages are essential and should incorporate keywords that contain the name of the covered location. These pages are often done as an afterthought by most SEO companies, but we will implement it the right way.


Engaging Content Creation


While the web design and on-page SEO tips above focus on your electrician website’s visibility and accessibility, the content tips will focus on the impact your site can make in the life of a visitor. You can use highly informative, actionable blog posts to educate your visitors on highly complex, technical electrical terms and concepts to help them make better decisions concerning their electrical problems.


We will use a blog to provide your visitors with DIY guides (but warning that it’s safer to get professional help), explanations for common electrical problems, maintenance tips, and answers to FAQs. We can keep your blog updated regularly and invite homeowners to comment on your posts and share them on social media.