The Must Have Elements Every New HVAC Web Design Needs

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With well over 90% of customers now making decisions based on what they see online, it’s become more imperative than ever for HVAC businesses to build and maintain a reputable online presence. Having a great HVAC web design is just the start and the main goal should be to convert visitors into HVAC customers.


A website is the cornerstone of online presence for businesses across the board, including those in the HVAC industry. With a well-knit, conversion-driven website, you can easily make your HVAC business stand out of the crowd. Every HVAC business owner wants to make their phones ring more. Here are highlights of the most critical elements that are highly crucial to conversion optimization.


The Visual Appeal


Several studies have shown that customers judge businesses based on the quality of their websites. Your website needs to make a riveting impression on visitors by using a strong visual appeal to deliver high conversion rates. A neat, crisp, straightforward interface that’s easy to navigate is highly crucial to your website users’ experience. Use elegant fonts, stunning images, and other remarkable visual elements on your website. You should also optimize your website for mobile devices so mobile visitors can equally have a seamless experience.


Call to Action Buttons


Your HVAC web design must include a call to action buttons that stand out. It’s hard enough to get people to your website that you must convert them once they are there. At the very minimum, two things should stand out on every page of your HVAC website design.


The phone number should be larger and in the upper right-hand corner. We have been trained over the years to look for phone numbers in the upper right-hand corner. I often see web designers place phone numbers in odd places or blend them in with the website’s overall color theme. This could not be more wrong. Make the phone number stand out. Use a different color, different font, and make the phone number large.


The other most important element is the actual call to action button. This is usually a “Book Online” or “Contact Us Now” button in the HVAC industry. Again, just like the phone number, this button should stand out and scream, click here.


The ‘About Us’ Page


This is where you show potential customers your vision, mission, history of achievements, and other credentials and qualifications that show off who you are. It’s the ‘badge of honor’ of your website, so you need to make it as highly convincing as possible for a better conversion rate.


In the HVAC industry, this has to be your second best page on your website. Customers will go to your about page and judge your company on it. If your about page is boring with no pictures of your team, you risk converting the visitor into a customer. Your about page should be professional yet show some personality at the same time.


Contact Information


The next important element of your website has to do with how potential customers can reach you. It would be best if you made it as easy as possible for your website visitors to get across to you since most of them are likely in immediate need of HVAC services.


Your contact page should be easy to access and should contain all your contact details. And, if possible, you should also provide a simple contact form that visitors can quickly fill out to reach out to you with their queries. Ideally, you can add a “schedule a service” button that will help them quickly book an appointment.


One of the single most important aspects of an HVAC contact page is trust. This is the section where potential customers are deciding if they should call you or not. Add some elements of trust on this page. Some great examples are BBB logos, reviews, awards, and associates you may belong to.


HVAC Products and Services Page


The main sections of your website should be dedicated to the products and services you deal with. But their contents need to be more informative than a simple rundown of products and services. Google also uses information on your website to determine how relevant your website is to the searcher’s intent. A good HVAC website will have pages for all the essential services they provide.


You should provide visitors with as much information as possible about any particular product or service, including the advantages and disadvantages, features, ratings, installation processes, etc. to demonstrate your expertise and help give visitors more confidence about their decisions.


Customer Testimonials


A recent survey shows that a staggering 87% of people trust verified feedbacks as much as recommendations from people they know and trust. Most of your satisfied customers will be happy to leave positive feedback about your services. Positive customer feedback can help enhance your credibility like nothing else can, especially if you’re starting a new HVAC business.


Compile all your customer feedback in a separate section of your website. Share the link to the testimonials page as often as you can. You can also post the testimonials on other popular places around the web, from Google to Angels List, Yelp, etc. Companies that have garnered positive testimonials in locations across the web have more favorable SEO outcomes.


Fast Mobile-Friendly Web Design


If your website loads too slow, it is highly likely the search will get impatient and hit the back button. There are plenty of tools online that can measure the speed of your website. If you have slow loading speeds, you can often add plugins or rework the existing code to speed up the website.


Local SEO


Ultimately, the combination of all these elements will significantly promote your site’s SEO ranking. It would be best if you also put measures in place that’ll enhance the search engine rankings of various pages on your website. Run a blog and fill it with high-quality, actionable content that search engines would love to promote to searchers.


There is a lot of optimization that can be done to increase the visitors to your website. That in itself is a separate article.


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