Electrical SEO

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Properly executed local SEO can be a huge boon for your electrical company. As a business owner in the electrical field, you know that business is constant. But so is the competition. How do you distinguish yourself from competing businesses? What determines whether a potential customer chooses your company or another when searching for electrical services online? With quality local SEO, you can ensure your business is viewed more consistently and viewed as more reputable in both searches and business platforms.


Google Local SEO for Electricians


An essential piece of local SEO is Google My Business optimization. Through a search engine and business listing presence, Google’s dominance of the online space is a plus for you and your company. By hiring a company for local SEO work, you can ensure that one of the most often used business platforms works in your favor. With 62 billion visits a year, and 3.5 billion searches a day, Google can be your electrical company’s best friend with the right help.


Crucial to local SEO is your link building strategy and creating quality links to your website from other reputable websites. Link building is an integral part of SEO. In utilizing the proper link building strategy, you can guarantee that many local potential customers see your website like searching for electrical services. Does your company tend to work directly with homeowners? With apartment complexes and management companies? Or maybe contractors in the construction industry? No matter your market, with the right link building strategy, we can guarantee that your business is seen when it needs to – when your potential customers need your services.


Part of your link building strategy is your content strategy. Your content strategy determines what kind of content your company produces and shares online, the types of customers and domains focused on, and, ultimately, a key piece of your company’s online image. In creating relevant, exciting, and actionable online content, you can drive customers to contact your company for its services and simultaneously boost your link building through increasing the appropriate website’s interest in linking to your content and website. This promotes both yours and the interests of the linking website and leads to increased leads and sales.


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         • Plumbing
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         • Electrical SEO
         • Carpet Cleaning SEO
         • Pest Control SEO
         • Roofing SEO


At Office Gator, we are experienced at optimizing all aspects of local SEO and can increase both the leads and sales of your electrical company. Let us improve your online presence and boost your revenue today.